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Model no: HR / HOR

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Horizontal radial split, single stage, overhung pumps with the most hydraulic fits per pump sizes/rotating speed in the industry. Open or closed impellers design available.

API 610—OH2

Model no: HDR

Text Box: Horizontal radial split, single stage, between bearings pumps.  Single or double cover design are available.
Text Box: API 610—BB2—Single Stage

Model no: H2R

Horizontal radial split, two stages, between bearings pumps.  Single or double cover design are available.

API 610—BB2— Two Stage (with /without coke crusher design)

Model no: HM / HDM

Text Box: Horizontal axially split, multi-stages, between bearing pumps.

              API 610—BB3— Multi-stages

Text Box: Model: VP-B/ VP-C

Vertical radial split, single stage, inline pumps with / without bearing bracket design.  Our OH4 design comes with our patented design Tri-Link rigid spacer coupling, which second to none in the industry.

API 610—OH3 / OH4 / OH5

Model: VF / VC

Text Box: Vertical suspended closed coupled single or multistage turbine pumps available in wet pit, can and thrust pot configurations.
Text Box: API 610—VS1 /  VS6

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CPC Pumps OH2

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Integrally Gear Compressors

Weir Floway - API 610 VS1Weir Floway - API 610 VS6

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Starting from your specifications and continuing through the design, manufacturing, and testing requirements. Implementation areas include production plants in the chemical industry, refineries, liquid gas storage tanks, cryogenics processes, high-speed applications, production of organic fuels and many more besides. Our manufacturing range of compressors and blowers are tailor made in accordance with API 617 (chapter 1, 2 and 3), API 614, API 670, API 671, API 672, API 673 and DIN EN standards.

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